удостоверение; свидетельство; сертификат; справка | удостоверять; выдавать письменное удостоверение

certificate for costs — судебный сертификат на получение стороной судебных издержек;

certificate for marriage — свидетельство о браке;

certificate into chancery — заключение суда общего права по поставленному канцлерским судом юридическому вопросу

- certificate of annulment
- certificate of appointment
- certificate of audit
- certificate of birth
- certificate of competency
- certificate of conviction
- certificate of damage
- certificate of death
- certificate of evidence
- certificate of expediency
- certificate of good conduct
- certificate of identity
- certificate of incorporation
- certificate of indebtedness
- certificate of origin
- certificate of poverty
- certificate of public officer
- certificate of purchase
- certificate of registry
- certificate of rehabilitation
- certificate of sale
- certificate of stock
- allotment certificate
- attorney certificate
- audit certificate
- author's certificate
- baptismal certificate
- birth certificate
- builder's certificate
- character certificate
- consular certificate
- damage certificate
- death certificate
- defence certificate
- false certificate
- gold certificate
- incorporation certificate
- inspection certificate
- insurance certificate
- interim certificate
- judge's certificate
- loyalty certificate
- marriage certificate
- medical certificate
- Nansen certificate
- notary's certificate
- police certificate
- practising certificate
- premarriage certificate
- quarantine certificate
- reexamination certificate
- registered certificate
- registration certificate
- sanitary certificate
- scrip certificate
- service certificate
- share certificate
- stock certificate
- subscription certificate
- tax certificate
- temporary certificate
- treasury certificate
- type certificate
- utility certificate
- voting trust certificate
- warehouse certificate
- warehouse-keeper's certificate
- wharfinger's certificate
- works test certificate
- X certificate
- prenuptial certificate
* * *
/vt/ удостоверить

Англо-русский юридический словарь. . 2011.

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